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The Domain Search is perfect to quickly find who to contact in business. It lists all the email addresses publicly available on the web. The Domain Search lists all the email addresses of people who are working in a particular company. Use powerful algorithms to filter relevant email addresses from more than 20 millions of email addresses. It's the most powerful email-finding tool you ever found. This email search is an advanced search feature that allows you to find employees' emails from their companies' domains.

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Discover business email addresses for any Company

Email Finder is a Chrome Extension to discover business email addresses for any Domain Name or any Company. The tool is very quick and easy to use. You just have to provide a domain name (example: and hit the find button to start the finder. The Email Finder Chrome Extension will crawl through every web page and search engines (use advanced search queries) to collect relevant leads. Once it completes the total process extension will automatically download a .csv file with the collected email addresses.


Looking to verify an email address

You need to be confident that the email addresses on your subscriber list are valid before sending emails to your followers. With our tool, you can verify an email address without sending an email. This helps you guard against a high bounce rate before even launching your campaign. Emails sent to invalid addresses bounce back, which may lead to an account suspension if the bounce rate is too high. The bounce rate should stay within the 10-15% threshold. Our online free email verifier can check every email address you have and reduce your bounce rate.

Common questions about the Email Finder

  • Depending on the data we have we can have a very high degree of certainty while other email addresses can have a higher risk. You can click the verifier icon next to every email to get real-time verification.
  • All the email addresses found in the Email Finder have public sources on the web. We don't guess any email addresses nevertheless you can verifier every email address in real-time.

What is the free email finding tool?

Finding an email address is often the last piece of the puzzle. Often you know exactly who you want to reach out to but you're lacking contact information. An email address is literally worth it's weight in gold. Some prospects have their email publicly listed on one of their online profiles - they're easy. You need to do a little extra sleuthing to find email addresses for everyone else. To make that detective much easier, you can use MailsHunt email finding tools. It is also known by names like email finder tool free, find emails by name free, lead finders, free lead finder, lead finder software, email tracker, lead find pro, email hunting, find emails, look for emails, hunter emails, find email address by domain, find emails from domain, hunter, snovio, findanyone, email finder free, norbert, email generation, email hunter, email address finder, hunt email, emails hunter, people emails, lead email finder, e mail hunter, emails of businesses, email of company, free emails search.

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